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Internetshop for florists
and flowershops

We are offering florists and flowershops an effective possibility to sell flowers online. We maintain your virtual shops with beautifully arranged and designed bouquets, which we regularly update. Additionally you can upload your own designs, arrangements and products to our platform to be visual in your shop. In order to run your shop in our marketplace, no technical skills are needed. Only your competence as a florist is necessary and desired. Our understanding of our marketplace is to provide you local online presence for your customers and to enable business growth via an modern online and mobile channel optimized for customers from your city.

We are providing secure payment processing as well as invoicing services in your name, so that you have all necessary accounting materials and no hassle producing them – we do that for you. We also make sure that you have accurate data for all your online clients and no hassle with late payments or reconsolidation of payments. It cant be easier.

We want to take all the technical and online marketing hassle away from florists, so that they can concentrate on what they do best - producing wonderful bouquets and other flower arrangements.
Here are our values, which we promise to deliver to our customers:
  • Always fresh
  • Quick delivery
  • Local expertise
  • Handling
    of invoicing

The Team

Knut Hoppe, Cord Hoppe are Blumendiener24

We, the founders and owners of Blumendier24, Knut und Cord Hoppe, have combined more than 30 years experience in the flower business and internet based marketplaces. That means we understand your business, your challenges and problems and we can help you move towards the digital age. We are (still) small and flexible and we can and want to serve you individually. In Germany our marketplace is Blumendiener24.de. We are continously adding flowermarket places in other countries, which we will be connecting to a global marketplace. The owner of all these brands is our Estonian based company Flower Brothers OÜ.

Please also check our homepage flowerbrothers.de